Cast iron T slot angle plates

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    Cast iron T slot angle plates are used for component inspection and clamping in machining. It is used to check the 90° angle of the workpiece and to check the mutual perpendicularity of the related surfaces of the parts when the equipment is repaired. It is also often used for fitter marking. It can also be used for inspection, installation, and vertical inspection of machine tools.

    The material of the cast iron angle plate is HT 250 (GG20), whose surface hardness is HB150-220.   The accuracy shall be classed as 1 grade,2 grade,3 grade.

    Our company manufactures various kinds of cast iron angle plates, such as joint angle plate: inspection angle plate; Vertical angle plate: Positioning angle plate: shaped angle plate, angle plate worktable, and so on.

    PS: We also offer custom-made surface plates according to the load-bearing and usage required by the clients.

    Special specifications (up to 2000mm×2000mm×4000mm) are acceptable as per customers’ drawings. 




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