Granite precision bench center

  • Add Date: 2020-12-24
  • TEL: +86 15076771899
  • TEL: +86 311 68070891
  • Name: Manager Zhang
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  • Address: Development Zone, Jiao’he County, Botou, Hebei, China
  • Product Detail

    Usage: It is widely used for measuring the axial and disk products and parts, and mainly inspecting their radial bound, elasticity, and end surface differences.

    Material: Granite


     1. The granite instrument base is used to improve the accuracy of the reference plane and reduce the accuracy error of the deflection instrument itself.

    2. The movable meter base can be measured at any position of the meter base.

    3. The instrument base is not rusty, easy to use, and keep.




    PS: Special specifications are also acceptable to customize according to the customer’s requirement drawings.


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