​Machine tool castings

  • Add Date: 2020-12-24
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  • Name: Manager Zhang
  • Email: sales@hbqycast.com
  • Address: Development Zone, Jiao’he County, Botou, Hebei, China
  • Product Detail

    Machine tool castings can also be called large castings, beds, bases, workbench, etc.


    (1) Good wear resistance and shock absorption.

    ⑵Good process performance.


    Material: HT200-300

    Standard: GB9439-2010

    Specification: customize

    The hardness of the working surface: HB160-240

    Surface treatment: rough machining or finish machining

    Foundry process: sand casting or centrifugal castings

    Molding type: resin sand molding

    Painting: primer painting

    Surface coating: pickling oil and plastic-lined or covered with anti-corrosion paint

    Working temperature: (20±5)℃

    Precision grade: 1-3 

    Origin: China

    In our factory, all the products can be customized and we also can produce the special sized product according to customer's drawings or the discussion by both parties.




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