Granite parallels

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    Granite parallels are mainly used for the detection of parallelism and perpendicularity. The main mineral components of granite parallel gauges are escape stone, plagioclase, a small amount of olivine, biotite, and trace magnetite. It has black color and precise structure. After hundreds of millions of years of aging, it has a uniform texture, good stability, and high strength. High hardness, can maintain high precision under heavy load. It is suitable for industrial production and laboratory measurement work.

    Physical properties:


    Compression strength,245-254kg/mm2

    Flexible grinding capacity,1.27-1.47N/mm2

    Coefficient of linear expansion,4.6×1-6°C

    Water absorption 0.13%

    Shore hardness HS, more than 70.

    Precision has 00, 0,  grade.

    Usage: Measurement for parallelism

    Material: Granite

    Our products are widely exported to New Zealand, Australia, Vietnam, Thailand, South Korea, England, Poland, Germany, and so on.

    PS: We also can produce as customers' requests or drawings.



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