Granite square master

  • Add Date: 2020-12-24
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  • Address: Development Zone, Jiao’he County, Botou, Hebei, China
  • Product Detail

    The granite square master is an important marble measuring tool.

    It is a vertical and parallel frame combination. It is suitable for high-precision machinery and instrument inspection and the inspection of non-verticality between machine tools.

    Technical Parameters


    >Compression strength:245-254kg/mm2  

    >Flexible grinding capacity:1.27-1.47N/mm2

    >Coefficient of linear expansion:4.6×1-6℃

    >Water absorption 0.13%  

    >Shore hardness HS: more than 70。

    >Precision has 000. 00, 0, 1 grade. 

    > Material: Granite

    Specification :

    PS: Specification specifications can be customized according to the customer’s drawings and the discussion by both parties.


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