Granite straight edge

  • Add Date: 2020-12-24
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  • Address: Development Zone, Jiao’he County, Botou, Hebei, China
  • Product Detail

    The granite straight edge is mainly used to measure the straightness and flatness of the workpiece and equipment installation. It can also be used to check the flatness and straightness of machine tool tables, guide rails, and precision work.  It is suitable for industrial production and laboratory measurement work.

    Technical Parameters

    Standard: JB/T 7878-1999

    Specification: The maximum workability is 3000mm in length or customize

    Hardness of the working surface: HS70

    Surface treatment: ground finish

    Precision grade: 00-0

    Packaging: wooden box

    Usage: Measurement for parallelism

    Material: Granite


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