Cast iron square block

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    The cast-iron block is mainly used to check the parallelism and perpendicularity of parts and support the workpiece when marking.

    Cast iron square box is usually cubes or cuboids with the same side-length.

    Material: Cast Iron, Welded-Steel Plate

    Specification:100x100x100-500x500x500mm or customize

    Surface: flat, V-slots, T-slots, or tapped holes

    The hardness of the working surface: HB160-240

    Surface treatment: hand-scraped or ground finish

    Foundry process: sand casting or centrifugal castings

    Painting: primer and face painting

    Surface coating: pickling oil and plastic-lined or covered with anti-corrosion paint

    Packaging: wooden box

    Origin: China



    PS: Special specifications are acceptable as per customers’ drawings.

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