Cast iron surface plate

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    The overall structure of the cast iron surface plate is basically box type and ribbed plate type. The working surface is rectangular, square, or round. The material is HT200-300. According to precision processing, there are two types: precision planning and scraping. The upper working surface of the cast-iron surface plate can process V-shaped, T-shaped, U-shaped grooves, dovetail grooves, round holes, long holes, etc. It is a plane reference measuring tool used for workpieces, equipment inspection, scribing, assembly, welding, assembly, and riveting.

    It is suitable for all kinds of inspection work. It is a reference plane for precision measurement, used as a reference for machine tool mechanical measurement, to check the dimensional accuracy or shape and position deviation of parts, and to make the precision marking. It is also an indispensable basic tool in mechanical manufacturing.

    Cast iron surface plate material:

    The material is a high-strength cast iron HT200-250. The working surface hardness is HB160-210. After two treatments (artificial annealing 600·----700· and natural aging for 2—3 years, the product has stable accuracy and good wear resistance.

    The accuracy of the cast-iron surface plate: According to the national standard metrological verification regulations, the accuracy is divided into 1, 2, and 3.

    Our products are widely exported to England, Germany, Czech Republic, Italy, Australia, Saudi Arabia, and Thailand, etc.

    PS: We also offer custom-made surface plates according to the load-bearing and usage required by the clients.                  

    Special specifications (500mm×500mm ~ 4000mm×8000mm) are acceptable as per customers’ drawings. 


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