Motor Test Bed Plate

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     The overall structure of the motor testbed plate is basically box type and ribbed plate type, and the working surface is rectangular, square or round. It is a plane reference measuring tool used for the workpiece, equipment inspection, marking, assembly, welding, assembly, and riveting.

    The material of Our motor test bedplate adopts high strength HT200-300,whose surface hardness is of HB170-240. After the two manual handing such as 600℃ to 700℃ artificial annealing as well as 2 to 3 years of natural aging, the T-slot has plate perfectly resists abrasion and has stable precision. 

     The accuracy of Our motor test bed plate  shall be divided into Grade 1, Grade 2, and Grade 3.

    Our products are widely sold to domestic market and foreign market , foreign market including United Kingdom, Germany, Czech Republic, Italy, Australia, Sadiu Arabia ,Thailand, Vietnam, South Korea and Malaysia etc.
    PS:   Special size  are also acceptable as per customers’ drawings. 

    (We can produce from specification 500mm×500mm ~ 4000mm×8000mm. 

    For especially large-sized platforms, we use the splicing method to facilitate

    transportation and save transportation costs.)



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