Granite components

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    Granite components are generally used in the workbench of measuring instruments, the bed of Granite components and the granite components have the advantages of high precision, no deformation, high strength, and high hardness. It can be customized according to the customer's different requirements.



    >Compression strength:245-254kg/mm2  

    >Flexible grinding capacity:1.27-1.47N/mm2

    >Coefficient of linear expansion:4.6×1-6℃

    >Water absorption 0.13%  

    >Shore hardness HS: more than 70。

    >Precision has 000. 00, 0, 1 grade. 

    Usage: Measurement and assembly

    Material: Granite


    PS: Our products are widely exported to the Spanish, Australian, England, Russian, Thailand, Germany, Italy and so on.

    PS: Special specifications are acceptable as per customers' drawings.



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