2D welding table

  • Add Date: 2020-12-24
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  • Product Detail

    2D Welding table

    • For its material divided into Steel Welding Tables (Q345) and Casting Welding Tables (HT300).

    • For its hole diameter divided into D28 series and D16 series.

    Diagonal Grid: D28 is 100*100mm; D16 is 50*50mm.

    Supporting: legs, steel frame, and hydraulic lift box, according to the requirement.

    Components can be equipped after your selecting:

    1, Tools for supporting: U-Shaped cube case, L-shaped cube case, Angle supporting, and Angle gauge

    2, spare parts for Locating:

    3, Tools for clamping and fixing

    4, spare parts for locking working piece

    5, Auxiliary Tools




    PS:  We also accept special specifications according to the customer's drawings.




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